On-Site Waste Solutions


On-site compactors are an efficient way of managing waste at the premises reducing the number of bins and number of collections required. The Superior Pak range of compactors come in a range of sizes and have been developed for a variety of applications from general-purpose through to a number of specific uses. We can also supply a range of other on-site recycling and waste collection equipment.

Stationary Compactor Units

A versatile solution for general on-site waste management. Superior Pak’s SP 1500 box-blade compactor can be paired to various bin sizes and also allows for the installation of custom hopper enclosures or chutes making it ideal for underground car park locations such as shopping centres or large accommodation complexes. 

Portable Compactor Units

The auger compactor unit has no sliding blades so there is no way for organic matter and other wet waste to get trapped thus eliminating the potential for putrid odours. Available in both refrigerated and standard design and are designed to be used in conjunction with a Hook Frame collection vehicle.

Portable Compactor Units – Pendulum

An all-round on-site waste collection solution, these units can be used for general waste, recyclables and wet waste. Featuring the proven swinging pendulum pack blade design for minimum damage to recyclables, they are designed to be used in conjunction with a Hook Frame collection vehicle.


Superior Pak / Cab Chassis combinations include…