FAUN’S VIAJET sweepers are equipped to tackle the challenges of urban environments. You will be able to deal with the dirtiest cleaning tasks within the urban environment with the assistance of these machines. Whether it is a case of a pedestrian mall, residential area or a road construction site, you will cope anywhere with a FAUN sweeper.

Improved suction performance

The new FAUN Streamline-generation sweepers combine the FAUN air circulation system with an optimised airflow system, resulting in improved suction performance. The new, patented V-shaped suction shaft increases the sweeper’s suction power while reducing wear on its components.

Substantial fuel savings using the sweepers

FAUN fits all sweepers with lighter, performance-optimised engines to save space and increase payload. FAUN uses small, light diesel engines to reduce fuel consumption.

Lower emissions & minimal noise

The FAUN air circulation system reduces fine particulate emissions by 50% compared to a standard suction sweeper without air circulation technology. The blower is positioned directly in the airflow and frees up installation space for an additional water tank. The tank also acts as a noise barrier between the blower and the driver’s cab.

Sweepers with low maintenance costs

With the new Streamline Generation, there is no need for an additional auxiliary motor, and only one brush strip has to be changed which is also now more accessible. All this means that there is less risk of breakdown and reduced maintenance costs.

ALL NEW CITYJET 6 City Class Sweeper

The very latest 'CITY' model is perfectly tailored perfectly tailored to the tasks of a street sweeper in the city. With the help of these machines, you will be able to cope with any cleaning job, no matter how dirty. 

Whether it's a pedestrian zone or a residential area, with the CITYJET 6 you can manage anywhere in the city.



  • Robust design specifically for city and municipal use
  • Flexible, powerful and economical
  • High payload capacity at maximum transit speed
  • FAUN recirculation system, low emissions with high suction power
  • Easy-to-operate controls for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low running & maintenance costs


VIAJET 5 Vario Class Sweeper

The VIAJET 5 combines a high usable volume with compact dimensions, making it ideal for municipal applications.

The VIAJET 5 comes with FAUN’s patented air circulation system as standard, which guarantees the lowest emission values in the expelled air as well as a high suction capacity.



  • NEW: Modern single-motor drive concept
  • NEW: Hydraulic (PTO drive) or Hydrostatic drive specifically designed for municipal use
  • NEW: FAUN air circulation system
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Low running & maintenance costs


VIAJET 6 Vario Class Streamline Sweeper

Your made-to-measure solution With its diverse range of equipment and combination options, the VIAJET 6 can be individually configured to virtually any application.

The VIAJET 6 comes with FAUN’s patented air circulation system as standard, which guarantees the lowest emission values in the expelled air.



  • NEW: Container design, suction shaft concept
  • NEW: STREAMLINE integrated fan with improved suction power
  • NEW: 1,900 l instead of 1,200 l standard water supply
  • NEW: Engine concept – smaller, quieter and more efficient
  • NEW: Maintenance and service friendly – all control elements centrally located at a single point (pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics)
  • The most economical and cleanest 55 kW auxiliary engine of its class
  • Innovative drive concepts





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The VIAJET 6 comes with FAUN’s patented air circulation system as standard, which guarantees the lowest emission values in the expelled air.





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