Front-loaders are the ‘heavy-hitters’ of industrial waste collection. Superior Pak’s Pegasus series of front loaders make easy work of the toughest of industrial waste collection routes with superior strength, durability, reliability, and safety.

  • Smooth sleek body finish
  • Premium paint finish to match the finest cab chassis
  • Intelligent CAN-BUS control electronics
  • High packing forces to achieve maximum payload
  • Industrial and Recycling collection models

Front Loader

The ‘all-rounders’ of the waste collection industry, most large fleets will include some rear-loader machinery. Superior Pak’s Collector Rear Loader series comes in a range of sizes for various applications.

  • Clean Skin and Ribbed body design
  • Standard, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty models
  • Electronic control system
  • High performance hydraulics
  • High tensile steel construction

Rear Loaders

On-site compactors are an efficient way of managing waste at the premises reducing the number of bins and number of collections required. The Superior Pak range of compactors come in a range of sizes and have been developed for a variety of applications from general-purpose through to a number of specific uses. We can also supply a range of other on-site recycling and waste collection equipment.

  • Stationary compactor units
  • Portable compactor units
  • Recycling balers

On-Site Waste Solutions

Side-loaders are purpose built for domestic waste collection where operators could encounter any number of hazards including pedestrians, cyclistspush bikes, and parked cars! Superior Pak’s Raptor Side Loader represents the very best in design and manufacturing for domestic waste collection equipment. You can choose between a Low, Medium or High body profile to maximise your cab chassis’ payload potential.

  • Greatest extended bin reach distance available
  • General waste, Recyclables and Green Waste models
  • Rapid ‘on the go’ collection capabilities
  • High performance hydraulics
  • High tensile steel construction
  • Intelligent CAN-BUS control electronics

Side Loader

The hook frame system is a cost-efficient and effective solution for the retrieval of on-site storage and collection of bulk waste in locationssituations such as construction sites, shopping centres, industrial complexes, and hospitals.

  • User friendly with low operational costs
  • High net payload
  • Low mounting height
  • Unique control accuracy
  • Fast tipping and body change
  • Automatic tipping and bin locks

Hook Frames

Superior Pak is committed to continuous improvement achieved through working with the waste collection industry operators to develop products that better meet their needs - with safety always being the first priority.

  • The All-New EV Raptor Side Loader – Tackling Rubbish With Zero Emissions
  • Pedestrian Detection System for Front Loader Applications
  • Pedestrian Detection System for Side Loader Applications


FAUN’S VIAJET sweepers are equipped to tackle the challenges of urban environments. You will be able to deal with the dirtiest cleaning tasks within the urban environment with the assistance of these machines. Whether it is a case of a pedestrian mall, residential area or a road construction site, you will cope anywhere with a FAUN sweeper.

  • Clean Skin and Ribbed body design
  • Standard, Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty models
  • Electronic control system
  • High performance hydraulics
  • High tensile steel construction


Superior Pak / Cab Chassis combinations include…