Scania Chooses Superior Pak For Their Rear Loader


Scania Australia not only sells base vehicles but also complete packages for several industries, including waste collection. When the company began work on developing a ready-built rear-loader for their waste industry clients, we were thrilled that they chose a unit from the Superior Pak Collector RL series to pair with their P310 cab-chassis.

The Challenge

The concept was initiated by Scania’s Sydney dealership who wanted a package to best suit urban waste contractors with a focus on metropolitan markets. It had to be versatile, manoeuvrable in crowded city streets, and have a low clearance to allow for overhanging trees.

The Superior Pak Solution

A low-profile waste collection and compaction body was selected that very closely matched the height of the Scania P-Series cab giving the overall vehicle a nice low clearance perfect for the customer’s needs. The low clearance and the superior visibility of the compactor body also makes it easier for drivers to reverse into tight spaces.

However, there is no compromise when it comes to the load. The 20-cubic-metre body has a 7400kg payload capacity. As with all Superior Pak rear-loaders, the unit chosen by Scania allows for versality being suitable for general waste collection but also having the power to tackle hard waste.

It’s perfect for kerbside collections in leafy suburbs one day and negotiating inner-city streets the next.

The Finished Package

The final product has quickly gained a reputation as an excellent all-round urban waste collection vehicle.

For their part, Scania also made the smart move of using their latest generation 310hp SCR five-cylinder engine which provides exceptional fuel economy making the vehicle excellent value for money both in the purchase price and ongoing costs.

Of course, the Superior Pak body comes with our usual guarantee and after-sales backup.

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